Vision and Mission
We are building the worlds largest resource and community for visionary leaders of fast growth organizations that believe their people are their greatest asset. As leaders they are in service of their people and they know their people are more important than themselves and they know they need help to bring their vision to life. By adhering to this belief they know they will develop highly engaged staff, loyal clients and customers, perhaps even dedicated ambassadors of their brand. They know their people will be drawn to "get rich quick" entrepreneurial schemes because they are fulfilled in their work with your team; they know they are valued and their contributions both matter and make a difference.

Contract and Part-Time Professional Services

Interim CEO - ill-health, divorce, business turnaround, extended travel, Burnt out, layoffs, executive transition, any of these and more are occasions where a business is highly vulnerable to leadership that are not fully present. That's okay. Business is only part of life and life happens. This why we offer this service. It's not about what was done wrong, nor is it about what should have been done. Its about getting the business to where it should be without disruption. After all steering the direction of the business is bigger and arguably more important than any one person.

Interim and Contract COO - the CEO role is the Visionary role. The COO is in charge of day-to-day operations. Sometimes called general manager or president, sometimes differentiated based on role boundaries. An interim or contract COO can help a visionary leader get the traction they need to get over hurdles when they invariably pop up. It's a common thing. Its not a problem, but it will be if you let momentum slow down. Visionary leaders operate best when they let go of the present and focus on the future. The trick is to work with an expert in translating the future vision into what needs to happen hear and now.

Interim and Contract CFO - a CFO is not an accountant. At CEOcopilot we look at the world of finance and accounting like a car on the road driving at night. A/P and A/R along with bookkeeping account for what has happened transactionally, so this work is in taillights of the car. Controllers account for the current reality so would be akin to being in the car as it is moving along. Finance on the other hand, particularly the CFO operate in the headlights. The best ones actually reside right at the boundary of light and dark...where the deer tend to jump in front. It is their job to help guide the financial needs of the business an know what it needs before it needs it. Very few accountants can transition to this place but the best CFOs bring with them their accounting skills. Your business may not yet be able to justify a full time CFO but it will undoubtedly benefit from having access to one!

The future will include interim and contract CMO, CIO, CTO and HR functions as well. If you are one of these and you like the vision and the culture we are building feel free to connect. We'd love to hear from you as we spread our wings and grow globally.

Project Execution and Delivery
Something like only 4% of all new initiatives are ever brought to completion. Any bets, you just said "BS! Not with me!" But what about all the "great ideas" you came away with at the last conference or training session that are now forgotten? What about that idea you had that wasn't easily accepted and is now "on the shelf"? What about the CRM that still isn't being used by everyone? It doesn't take long to realize a good number of ideas or even projects fizzle quickly. What needs to happen is to have a clearly defined path towards the goal and a dedicated focus on the steps to get there. Distractions and "rest stops" will occur, sometimes they even should occur. But they do impede getting there. Our team can help you define the best path and help you stay the course!

Corporate Training, Learning and Development



Courageous Conversations

The Art of Coaching Conversations ("Navigational Conversations")

Strategic Planning and Thinking for Staff

Business Planning and Business Action

The Language of Finance, Budgeting and Planning for every position

Understanding Managers for Team Members

Bringing "C-Suite" Thinking into every part of the organization

Operating your Business Unit like a Business

Leadership Development
Leadership has many definitions and styles. We aren't here to teach one way. We seek to help every leader find their own way. So long as it is aligned with the companies culture and core values. Some will say that leaders are born; but we challenge that notion. We define "leadership" as the person, or group of persons, who are willing to do what others resist doing or even go where they fear to tread. There are many pathways into the "unknown". In the highly competitive world of business, the business willing to break new ground, to think or innovate differently, to be highly creative and unpredictable is key to being recognized by your marketplace. Let's face it, buyers are both fickle and demanding. Keeping a business in a leadership position is a balancing act and forever in motion. It takes a lot of eyes to keep an eye on the prize. Being or becoming a leader is not about position or status. It is about doing and being what you need to be to accomplish what you need to. It's also about being a follower just as much as the leader; allowing others to develop their own leadership skills. They are more apt to allow you to lead them if they feel they are given a chance to contribute too.

"co-pilot" Services
Partly coaching, Partly consulting, Partly contracting. Having a "co-pilot" is just like how it sounds. Our team's role is to help you, as CEO of your business, keep your eyes looking forward without distraction. We help you develop and/or monitor your dashboard while you watch where you are flying. Because we're not as entrenched in "fires of your business" we are better able to truly have perspective of what is going on and what the best course of action is. You will always get the honest and accurate view of what's going on, even if the problem is you. We will be respectful but the health of the business comes above all. We believe that every leader can be vastly more productive with helping their team know and live their work with Clarity of purpose and function, Confidence they and their team members can, and WILL, do their jobs within the companies culture but most importantly leverage self-accountability and each other to establish a Cadence of Accountability that delivers value to the business and to every client. Only 4% of business initiatives are delivered to completion; we are here to change that!