About CEO Copilot

CEOcopilot came about because of a lifetime in and around numerous businesses where the pervasive thought seemed to be..."there has GOT to be a BETTER way!" (insert exhausted, rolling eye, heavy sigh, facial image here).  Business is simple in of itself but as soon as people get involved it gets complex, really quickly.  CEOcopilot is a community of experts that simplify business, that help to bring both focus and fun back into the daily experience of your business.  We are anything but "YES-Men", but we are also supportive and encouraging.  We've been there, done that!  We bought the T-Shirt, not the suit, because it is simpler and more direct and frankly, more fun!

If you've been in business for any length of time, you know what this means.  Having a clear path to follow is much easier, more relaxing and more fun that scrambling up a steep slippery slope in a heavy fog.